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Aims and Tasks

The Geman Society for Environmental Mutation Research (Gesellschaft für Umwelt-Mutationsforschung e. V.; GUM)

  • connects experts working in the area of environmental mutation research,
  • offers regular events to promote the exchange of experience and know-how, such as scientific meetings and workshops,
  • promotes collaborations in experimental research and scientific interchange in mutation research and related fields,
  • has close relationships to academic, industrial and regulatory bodies and provides a unique platform for communication and collaboration of all experts in the field,
  • holds and establishes close collaborations with national and international scientific organisations in the area of mutation research

Benefits for members

Members of the GUM benefit from

  • various contacts to specialists within the field working in the german speeking area
  • intensive exchange of experience with collegues from research, industry and authorities,
  • international integration by automatical membership in the European Environmental Mutagen Society (EEMS),
  • GUM-meetings and GUM-workshops for scientific exchange and personal communication,
  • actual information about the research area trough the  GUM-Rundbrief,
  • financial support for young scientists by conference grants and reduced conference fees.

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International connected

The GUM is the german speeking branch of the European Environmental Mutagen Society (EEMS). GUM members are automatically members of the EEMS.